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Middle C Music - Student of the Month was started with the hope of providing incentive and encouragement to the students for self-improvement, while receiving recognition for their talent and effort. 

At Middle C Music, we are continually striving to challenge and motivate our students. With the parents and guardians’ help, and influence at home, we are convinced our students are becoming the best they can be, not only in music, but in other aspects as well.

All enrolled students of Middle C Music are eligible for nomination and the winner’s name is announced before the end of the month. The student of the month is chosen by all Middle C Music instructors and their decisions are final. Pictures of the winners are displayed on Middle C Music website and social media platforms.

Criteria for Student of the Month






Technical Skills

Theory Knowledge

Regular Attendance

Recital Participation


Student of the Month

Paxton has been studying under Anna Zimmer since February 2020. Paxton says, "my favorite part of piano lessons is learning challenging pieces. Ms. Anna makes learning difficult pieces fun when she makes me laugh."


"Paxton was a beginner student who never had taken a music lesson before. After a few months of lessons, Paxton was telling me what he wanted to play. I knew we had some work ahead of us with the repertoire he was requesting. He studied music theory intensely and has hit major milestones in his performing. Paxton has studied major pieces by Mozart, Ludovico Einaudi, Chopin, and Beethoven. He is an inspiring student who sets a goal and does everything in his power to achieve it."

- Anna Zimmer, Middle C Music Owner/Piano Instructor

Student of the Month
Student of the Month
Student of the Month
Student of the Month
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